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Good Morning,
I had to take a moment this morning and send this e-mail regarding your customer service. I have over the course of my lifetime deal with many company’s. I have until having dealt with your’s never had the pleasure of dealing with such a customer oriented, customer friendly company in my life. Like I explained at the Home Show in Fresno this weekend my wife and I travel through out the year in our travel trailer with our 2 Labs. We purchased 2 leashes and 2 no pull harnesses last year at the show. You evaluated our feedback and determined that maybe her harness was to small and replaced mind you after a year with no cost to me and to top it off replaced the leash with the one I wanted last year with a new one, again after a year. We get asked all the time about our equipment and I am always pleased to tell them where we got it and even more so the customer service that comes with it. There are so many companies that could learn from you, I know how important feedback is but you have taken it far beyond. Lucy seems to be responding to the larger harness more so that she did before. I wish you all the success in the world.

- D McFall, Rainbow Bridge

We bought a training harness for our Golden Girl this past weekend at the Lynden Home Show. At 2 years old, she still has moments when she forgets her puppy manners and will pull me down the trail to see another dog or person! She loves to meet everyone, but not everyone wants to meet her and she doesn’t get that yet. She can be headstrong when she wants to, so we have been dealing with her pulling and being chocked with her leash and collar which is horrible. We use the no pull training harness for the first time today and it was a whole new experience! When she started to pull, the harness made her stop pulling almost immediately. We have a regular harness for her, but it’s kind of big and bulky and it bugs her so we don’t use it much. She seemed to not even notice this new light-weight trainer after just a few seconds wearing it and responded really well to it. I’m so happy with it because she is not being choked and our walk was good instead of tug o’ war!

- J Hunee, Lynden

“This leash is WONDERFUL! I’ve recently developed tendonitis in my shoulder, so being dragged by my Staffordshire Bull Terrier was becoming painful. Now I can relax and enjoy our walks, instead of constantly snapping the leash to try to get him to walk nice! People (at the vet’s office, Petco, etc.). notice the distinct look of the leash,

- S Adams, Portland

I received my Security Leash in the mail yesterday. What an awesome leash! I have an 75lb Airedale who is full of enthusiasm and loves to drag me along. We put on his new leash and went for a stroll. It works great. My arm does not get jerked out of the socket and he pulls forward and kind of just springs back. Very cool.

- K Arruda, Lakeside

Hello there, I met you at the Lake Elsinore RV/Boat show. I was the blonde girl that had two aggressive shar-peis. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful leashes. I have successfully been able to walk my female shar-pei for the first time since she was a pup which means 4 1/2 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on leash products and thousands on training. Thought training helped tremendously on other issues, walking her is still a habit that could not be broken. If you member correctly, I told you that she runs alongside of me when I roller blade and I use a harness specifically for her so that she can pull without hurting herself. This is something that I have trained her to do and we have been doing it ever since she was small. So that being said, I rarely took her for walks since roller blading is all I ever do. Now that I am pregnant, I really can’t stand her pulling on me when I do walk her. I guess it’s my fault for never really teaching her to walk. Anyhow, I took her for a walk and for the first time, I walked her. Not to mention I didn’t have to wear gloves to protect my fingers from being pinched to death. This is an absolutely wonderful product and I back it up 100%. I am looking forward to buying another harness so that I can walk both of my dogs together. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks, you have made a huge difference in my life as well as my dogs. Just to make you laugh, like I said before, I have tried everything and was at my wits end with trying to walk my dog. When I took her out for the first time, I was so shocked I began to laugh. A couple of my neighbors were outside washing their cars and they saw me walking my dog all by myself and were probably wondering what was so funny. I was laughing so hard that I was buckled over crying. Two things that made me laugh. Number one was the fact that I was walking my dog and two because my dog did not know what to make of this contraption that prevented her from pulling. Every time she would pull, the bungee would recoil and she would stop and sit like she was trained because she thought I was giving her a command to sit. It was hilarious. guess you had to have been there. PS. Let me know if you need any distributors or references. I’d love to endorse this wonderful product
Thanks a Million

- R Dennis, Ventura

I purchased the blue harness from you today at the Harvest Festival in Sacramento along with the blue lead that you are sending me.  I just wanted you to know how pleased i am with the purchase. For the first time in the three years that we have owned our dog he didn’t pull or tug while being being walked. He is a 90 lb unaltered Pit Bull. Walking him is always a major chore. I have been drug across the street, I have had the police called on me by someone walking a small dog because he was making a major uproar trying to drag me across the street to get to the other dog. We have tried countless “no tug” training devices- the gentle leader, Ceasar’s special $49.95 collar that holds the neck up to stop pulling, 3 different “no pull” harnesses. The list goes on and on. When i got home, we walked him with the harness on and he was like a different dog. Unbelievable! He didn’t breath super hard and loud because he is choking himself with the gentle leader, nor did he rub his head all over everything after we took it off. This is the best thing we have ever used! You really ought to market this to the Pit Bull community. It’s amazing! Happy Walking!!

- K. Nelson, Sacramento

We bought these leashes at the Portland, OR Sportsman show. It is one of the best products, as far as we’re concerned, for walking our two Boxers. I called to order 2 more so we would have leashes while these two get repaired. Again, Thank you for inventing this product.

- D Hardway, Vancouver

I bought a harness and leash yesterday at a home show and tried it for the first time today. Can i just say WOW!!! I am so pleased with how well it works for my German Shepherd! I have been working hard to walk with loose leash but haven’t gotten 100 percent success until now! With the ability this harness gives me to give a short correction around the abdomen, my dog’s response was instant and the tendency to tug forward was instantly stopped! It is perfect solution for me. I will be telling my other friends with fur babies to check it out. Thanks for helping me solve a problem that has been going on for over a year now! ‘m excited for our next walk!

- K Linde