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I am Lucas and I’m from Korea. I was a wonderful 7 month old Male Border Collie when I was rescued thanks to Gingers Pet Rescue. I am a very happy, energetic dog and love the outdoor life and my two doggy buds at home. I was saved from being SOLD to the Dog Meat Dealer to be butchered up for food. I was fed garbage and rotten food, I was supposed to be made into Soju Elixer. Sadly my mom went to the meat market and it was too late for her. I was so lucky to get a one way ticket to the USA to find a new forever home!

I like to go on car rides, walks in the park and have become my whooman’s best friend! I especially love Sheep Herding. I am happy and approve of all of Xtreme Pet Products, I have Lucas proofed them all! Every product on this website is humane and pet friendly with increased level of comfort, control and safety when walking or training other fur babies like me!