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About Xtreme

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Good Boy Lucas's Pet Products! These are the best dog leashes you'll ever find! Xtreme Leashes are the most innovative and animal-friendly dog leashes ever made. Our dog leashes give you an increased level of comfort, control and safety when walking or training your pet. Xtreme Leashes have a comfortable, padded handle that cannot collapse on your hand or get wrapped around your wrist.

All leashes come with high-quality quick snaps and reflective strips for your dog's night-time safety and there is a wide range of colors and options to choose from.

All orders shipped the same day received. All USA orders should arrive to you within 3-4 days maximum.

Shock absorbent leash saves you and your dog!

What makes the Xtreme Leash unique is the incorporation of an internal, high quality shock cord that allows the leash to stretch approximately 10” before becoming fully extended. This stretchability makes the leash more user-friendly and much less likely to cause injury to the dog and handler than a conventional fixed length leash.

When a dog forges ahead and reaches the end of a fixed length leash there is often times a sudden jerk which places excessive pressure on the dog's windpipe and spine, and on the handlers arm and shoulder. With a stretchable leash the dog encounters increasing resistance which gives it advance warning that it is about to come to the end of the leash. The dog quickly learns when it’s time to “back off” prior to reaching the end of the leash. This eliminates the constant jerking that is so often associated with walking a dog. Not only is this more comfortable for the handler it is much healthier for the dog.

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