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Vehicle Leash Systems

The Vehicle Leash System is simple and convenient to use. Insert the metal part of your seat belt through the restraint adapter and then insert into the seat belt latch.

Easily allows your friend to move around side to side, back to front, without worry of him or her exiting through an open window to go meet another friend while stopped in traffic or worse yet while driving!

Super Coupler Short with Vehicle Leash Option - $47.00
This leash comes complete with heavy-duty hardware including swivel, two separate unique Super Coupler Leash Extensions with snaps on both ends and a modified seatbelt adapter. This leash system provides the ultimate in flexibility to restrain your friends while in the car and then exercising with tangle-free operations. 43 inches in length.
Vehicle Leash - $24.00
This heavy-duty seattbelt adapter provides the ultimate in flexibility and safety so that you can restrain your dog while in the car and then easily switch over to his leash when you arrive at your destination. 28 inches.
 Available Colors
All our Xtreme Leashes come with a reflective strip for you and your dog's night-time safety.

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